TESOL Certificate – Undergraduate

To recognize the significance of the training received, a certificate is granted to those who complete 19 credits of prescribed TESOL coursework with a grade of "C" or higher. Of these credits 16 must be completed at Biola University. While the Biola undergraduate certificate in TESOL does not have the same coverage as the graduate certificate, it should be noted that it requires much more than the typical entry level certificate and, as such, qualifies its holders for work in many institutions in the United States and abroad.

Students interested in TESOL training may note that there is an unregulated market for a wide range of "certificates." While Biola University-issued TESOL certificates are for year-long programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, the department can also prepare certificates of completion for students who complete one or more courses. These certificates specify number of contact hours and topics covered.

Curriculum Requirements

Program Courses
INAL 300/INCS 310/ENGL 351Introduction to Language and Linguistics3
INTE 309Grammar for English Teachers3
INTE 421/ENGL 353Introduction to TESOL: Adult3
INTE 427Materials Evaluation and Preparation3
INTE 441Intercultural Communication for Teachers3
INTE 460Communicating Values Through TESOL1
INTE 492Practicum in TESOL I3
Total Credits19