Chair: Alicia Dewey, Ph.D.
Professors: Rood
Associate Professor: Christensen, Dewey, Wamagatta


HGEO 301 - Cultural GeographyCredits 3

World cultural regions; study of cultural forces and their interaction with the physical environment to produce the varieties of cultural landscape: population distribution, general land use, settlement pattern, transportation and communication; attention given to contemporary environmental concerns. Grade Mode: A.
Restrictions: Must be Undergraduate Level.

HGEO 310 - Studies in GeographyCredits 3

Continental areas studies by regions emphasizing physical, cultural, economic and historical dimensions which give geographic personality to individual regions and nations, or thematic topics such as globalization, demography, human rights or other topics. Notes: One or more sections offered each year in areas such as Latin America, North American, Europe, Africa and Asia. May be taken multiple times with different content. Grade Mode: A.
Restrictions: Must be Undergraduate Level.