Christian Ministries, B.A.


The Christian Ministry program is designed to develop and equip its graduates for entry-level professional ministries in church and parachurch agencies and to provide foundation for seminary or other graduate education.

Degree Program

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Ministries is offered upon completion of the University baccalaureate and major requirements. The Christian Ministries major requires the completion of 43-45 credits, 24 of which must be upper-division.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries, students will be able to:

  1. Appraise the biblical, philosophical, and theological foundation of ministries within churches and para-church organizations (ULO 1).
  2. Identify the stages of human and spiritual development for leadership and interpersonal relationships related to ministry (ULO 1).
  3. Formulate perspectives of God, self and others in order to internalize commitments and values for an integrated personal and professional life and ministry (ULO 2).
  4. Demonstrate skills in leadership development (ULO 3).
  5. Demonstrate skills in ministry functions (including: teaching, and one of the following: evangelism/discipleship, counseling and administration skills) (ULO 3).

Each Program Learning Outcome (PLO) listed above references at least one of the University Learning Outcomes (ULO 1, 2, 3), which may be found in the General Information section of this catalog.

Curriculum Requirements 

Program-Specific Core Curriculum (GE) Courses
Methods of Bible Study 1
Integration Seminar 2
Program Courses
Students must take the following 39 credits (24 of which must be upper-division):
CEED 150Foundations of Ministry3
CEED 242Psychology of Learning and Development3
CEED 254Leadership Development3
CEED 255Foundations of Spiritual Formation3
CEED 260Interpersonal and Cross-Cultural Relationships in Christian Ministry3
CEED 312Christian Ministry Skills3
CEED 313Christian Ministry Discipleship3
CEED 326Counseling Methods3
CEED 330Biblical Interpretation and Teaching3
CEED 415Organization and Administration of Christian Ministries3
CEED 465Internship in Christian Ministries7
Select 2 credits of upper-division CEED electives 2
Concentration Courses
Select a Concentration detailed below (4-6 credits, based on the concentration chosen)4-6
Total Credits43-45

 BBST 320 is to be taken as one of the two upper-division Bible Elective options.


 BBST 465 is a course offered by various departments, Christian Ministries majors are required to take the "Christian Ministries" section specifically.


In addition to the 39 credit program, each student is required to select a concentration of 4-6 credits to be taken within the Christian Ministries Department to fulfill his/her elective requirements (2 of these credits must be taken as an upper division ministry elective with the Christian Ministries department). There are five concentrations from which a student may choose that reflect a broad variety of ministry options in this field: Adult and Family, Child, Diversified, Nonprofit Leadership, or Youth. The Diversified concentration allows the student to design a program that best suits his/her vocational interests. Regardless, all students in Christian Ministries must complete a minimum of 24 upper-division credits in CEED coursework in order to graduate.

Adult and Family

Vocational opportunities with this concentration include director/pastor of adult and family ministries or associate pastor with responsibilities in these areas.

Concentration Courses
CEED 433Family Ministries in the Church2
CEED 479Programming for Christian Ministries2
CEED 486Advanced Studies in Family Ministry2
(One course is counted in the Program Core requirements)
Total Credits6


Vocational opportunities with this option include children’s director or minister in a local church, a staff member with organizations that minister to children in the United States or on a mission field, or a writer of programming materials and curriculum for use with children and preschoolers.

Concentration Courses
CEED 433Family Ministries in the Church2
CEED 479Programming for Christian Ministries2
CEED 482Advance Studies in Children's Ministries2
(One course is counted in the Program Core requirements)
Total Credits6


This option is for those who wish to design a concentration unique to their interests. Students interested in areas such as ministry-based camping, counseling, music and worship arts, intercultural ministry, media ministry, and the like will find an opportunity to integrate ministry training with those particular fields of study.

For those who desire to pursue graduate work, the undergraduate major has been designed to prepare the student for continued academic and professional development through enrollment in a theological seminary. The student graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries may be able to take advantage of accelerated Master of Arts or Master of Divinity programs offered at Talbot School of Theology. Several concentrations are offered with the M.A. degree. Specific information and qualifications for these degree programs may be secured through an academic advisor in the Christian Ministries and Leadership department or from the Talbot admissions office.

Concentration Courses
Select 4 credits of electives4
Select 2 credits of 400-level CEED electives (this course is counted in the Program Core requirements)2
Total Credits6

Nonprofit Leadership

Vocational opportunities with this option include service in ministry settings which require key, practical business competencies and skills greater than the traditional church ministry role.

Concentration Courses
BUSN 240Principles of Management 13
BUSN 480Non-Profit Management3
Total Credits6

 BUSN 240 must be taken before BUSN 480.


Vocational opportunities for youth concentration would include a local church youth director or minister, a club director for youth parachurch agencies, a youth camp director, a Christian education director in a church that emphasizes youth or an assistant or associate pastor with responsibilities for youth.

Concentration Courses
CEED 441Adolescent Culture and Development2
CEED 479Programming for Christian Ministries2
CEED 484Advanced Studies in Youth Ministries2
(One course is counted in the Program Core requirements)
Total Credits6


Each year during the Fall Semester, the Christian Ministries department sponsors an all student retreat for the purpose of facilitating department-wide community building, communication, spiritual formation, team building, and academic advising. There is a non-refundable $175 fee assessed at the beginning of each academic year for this event. All students are expected to attend this event. Any student seeking an exception should contact the Chair of the Department.