Applied Music Minor

Curriculum Requirements

For students in a Music major who are interested in a formal, cohesive study in a secondary instrument or voice, the Applied Music minor is available. The Applied Music minor requires 20 credits.

Program Courses
MUSC 141Applied Music 18
or MUSC 142 Applied Music
MUSC 421Applied Music 26
or MUSC 422 Applied Music
Select 6 credits of upper-division MUSC elective courses6
Total Credits20

 Taken 1–2 credits at a time through proficiency level: 224


 Taken 1–2 credits at a time through proficiency level: 326

Ensemble Courses

Depending on the concentration of the student the following ensembles, and in some cases courses, are required:


Select 2 credits of ensembles; one major ensemble, plus one additional ensemble2
MUSC 181Introduction to Composition2
Total Credits4


Select 4 credits of instrumental ensembles4
Total Credits4


Select 2 credits of ensembles that utilize piano2
MUSC 261Keyboard Sight Reading I1
MUSC 262Keyboard Sight Reading II1
Total Credits4


Select 4 credits of vocal ensembles4
Total Credits4