Archaeology Minor


The mission of the Archaeology minor is to provide majors and non-majors with an in depth knowledge of the methods and theory of modern archaeology, its history, and development. Students pursuing the minor are equipped with the basic archaeological skills to serve in a variety of settings, conduct research, and work within the field.

Curriculum Requirements

A minor in Archaeology requires the completion of 18 credits of Archaeology courses.

Prerequisite Courses
The following are prerequisites for the minor and may be completed for general education requirements:
General Cultural Anthropology
Physical Anthropology
Physical Anthropology Laboratory
Program Courses
ANTH 215Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH 312Archaeology Methods and Theories3
ANTH 315Field Methods in Archaeology I3
Select 9 credits of upper-division courses from the following:9
Prehistoric Cultures of North America
California Native Americans
World Archaeology
Biblical Archaeology: Ancient Near East
Biblical Archaeology: Palestine
Topics in Archaeology
Field Excursion: Turkey, Greece and Rome
Field Excursion: Israel
Internship in Archaeology
Total Credits18