Talbot Special Studies (TTSS)

TTSS 510 - Theological Research Methodologies Credit 1

Research skills for use of library and theological reference works. Methods of theological writing with emphasis on critical thinking, persuasion and evaluation. Notes: Required of students in the Talbot M.A. program with a specialization in Biblical and Theological Studies in the Eurasian Context (Kyiv Extension). Must be taken within the first 15 credits of study. Required of all M.Div. and M.A. students, except MACE (see program director) enrolled in a degree program prior to Fall 2017. Grade Mode: A.
Restrictions: Must be Graduate Level 1 Class, Graduate Level 2 Class, Graduate Level 3 Class, Graduate Level 4 Class, Junior Class, or Senior Class; Post Masters Level, Doctoral Level, Undergraduate Level or Graduate Level.