Christian Apologetics (M.A.C.A.)


The Master of Arts degree in Christian Apologetics is designed for individuals who desire academic and practical preparation for proclaiming and defending the historic doctrines of the Christian faith. Students are prepared to articulate a Christian worldview reverently, with intelligence, confidence and compassion. The program fosters personal spiritual growth and maturity through guided study of the Scriptures and theology, mutual encouragement in the Christian life and intellectual rigor.

Program Description

The program incorporates knowledge and perspective from many academic disciplines and provides stimulating graduate education for those who wish to engage unbelievers effectively in the world of ideas.

The curriculum is accessible to students who may have little or no formal academic training in biblical studies, theology or philosophy.

Many of the courses in this program are available in a distance learning format that combines short-term campus visits with distance learning. The distance learning program is designed to make the M.A. in Christian Apologetics available to students who cannot relocate to southern California for the regular residential program. 

Delivery Formats

This program offers distance-learning courses. Courses, seminars, conferences and related learning experiences are generally scheduled in the evening and on the weekends for the convenience of working adults.

Courses are usually eight weeks in length with classes meeting once per week in the evening. Alternative scheduling is often employed for enhanced instructional effectiveness.

Director: Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D.
Professors: J. Bloom, C. Hazen, S. Smith
Associate Professors: C. Jones, K. Lewis
Assistant Professors: S. McDowell

Programs Offered

Course Descriptions