Islamic Studies Minor


The Islamic Studies minor exists to equip men and women to make disciples among Muslims and impact the Islamic world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Curriculum Requirements

An Islamic Studies Minor is offered with the completion of 18 credits in Intercultural Studies and 3 specified credits in Bible.

Program-Specific Core Curriculum Courses
Students are strongly encouraged to take ANTH 200 for Core Curriculum credit
Program Courses
INCS 233Introduction to World Missions3
or INCS 322 Intercultural Adjustment
INCS 324Understanding Islam and Islamic Theology3
INCS 325Popular and Folk Islam3
INCS 447Approaches to the Islamic World3
All students completing a minor are required to take the following as a Bible or Intercultural Studies elective:
BBST 458Theology of Mission3
or INCS 450 Theology of Mission
INCS Elective Courses6
Select at least one History course:
History of the Middle East and Islam I
History of the Middle East and Islam II
If only one History course is chosen, then choose one additional Islamic elective:
Islam in America and the West
Topics in Islamic Studies
Total Credits21