Core Curriculum Requirements - Online Bachelor's Programs

Depending on the particular major, every Biola student will take approximately 60 to 64 credits of Core Curriculum coursework. These courses will ensure a robust academic experience and lay the groundwork for each major. Core Curriculum courses span a variety of disciplines, biblical and theological studies, including English, math, science, history, language, communications, and fine arts. In some cases, students might have the opportunity to take courses in addition to the Core Curriculum, biblical studies and major course requirements. These electives provide students the chance to explore different fields of interest.

Core Curriculum Requirements for Online Bachelor's Programs

Biblical and Theological Studies (see more detailed requirements below)30
Behavioral Science3
Fine Arts3
Foreign Language (requirements vary by program)0-4
Total Credits60-64

Please note that majors may have specific Core Curriculum prerequisites students must complete. In addition, courses taken in high school, CLEP, AP, etc. can further impact the Core Curriculum requirements needed for graduation. After admission, Admissions Counselors and Success Coaches can further advise students regarding the Core Curriculum requirements they will need to complete.

Biblical and Theological Studies Requirements for Online Bachelor's Programs

Biblical and theological studies requirements vary by each online bachelor’s program. Please refer to your individual online program for additional information.