Biblical Ministries, B.S.


The B.S. in Biblical Ministries exists to provide adult learners with training in biblical interpretation, theological understanding, and practical ministry skills for effective service in their local contexts.

Degree Program

The Bachelor of Science in Biblical Ministries is a program aimed at enabling adult learners to earn a bachelor’s degree and providing them with training for ministry in their local contexts. Intended for adults who already possess ministry experience and some college credits, this 100% online program provides a faster time to completion by utilizing Biola’s trimester system, thus enabling students to take courses year-round and allowing them to complete their degrees in as little as 24 months (assuming all of their general education requirements are completed before entering the program). The program combines excellent education in biblical and theological studies as well as training in practical ministry skills with professors from Biola’s Talbot School of Theology.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Biblical Ministries, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the basic contents of all books of the Old and New Testaments, including the ancient world contexts of the Bible. Apply the biblical teaching for Christian faith and practice (ULO 1, 2).
  2. Appraise the biblical, philosophical, and theological foundations of ministries within churches and parachurch organizations (ULO 1).
  3. Demonstrate skills in ministry leadership functions (e.g. teaching, evangelism/discipleship, counseling and administration skills) (ULO 3).
  4. Formulate perspectives of God, self and others in order to internalize commitments and values for an integrated professional life and ministry (ULO 2).

Each Program Learning Outcome (PLO) listed above references at least one of the University Learning Outcomes (ULO 1, 2, 3), which may be found in the General Information section of this catalog.

Admission Requirements

  1. Must be a believer in the Christian faith (the applicant's statement of faith will be articulated in the personal essay section of the application).
  2. Must have at least a 2.5 cumulative college GPA.
  3. Must have graduated from high school or earned an equivalent degree (GED).
  4. Preference will be given to students with at least three years' work experience.
  5. Students with fewer than 15 semester credits post high school must apply as transfer students and meet the Admissions requirements for first time college students. In addition, students are required to:
    1. Submit SAT/ACT scores, or
    2. If no test scores, the Post Traditional Test-Optional Rubric process will be used.

Credit for Prior Learning

The following courses may be fulfilled by credit for prior learning experience and prior learning assessment (PLA) in the Biblical Ministries program: CEED 255, CEED 312, CEED 445, BBST 365 (Methods of Bible Study only). Contact Student Success or the academic department for more information.

Curriculum Requirements

Program-Specific Core Curriculum Courses
The Core Curriculum requirement for Kinesiology and Health Science has been waived for this major.
Bible Requirement
Biblical Interpretation and Spiritual Formation
Foundations of Christian Thought
Old Testament History and Literature
New Testament History and Literature
Theology I
Theology II
Early Christian History - Acts
Gospel of John
Lukan Writings
Synoptic Gospels
Bible Theology and Integration (Methods of Bible Study) 1
Integration Seminar (Christian Ministries) 2
Select a 3-credit BBST 300/400 approved elective
Program Courses
CEED 150Foundations of Ministry3
CEED 254Leadership Development3
CEED 255Foundations of Spiritual Formation3
CEED 312Christian Ministry Skills3
CEED 313Christian Ministry Discipleship3
CEED 326Counseling Methods3
CEED 330Biblical Interpretation and Teaching3
CEED 415Organization and Administration of Christian Ministries3
CEED 445Ministry Field Work3
Select 6 credits of upper-division BBST or CEED elective courses6
Total Credits33