Political Science Minor


The field of politics involves a fascinating and ever-changing environment in which people in political societies work out the question of "how we ought to order our lives together." Taking a minor in Political Science will equip students in foundational concepts and scholarship in the discipline, both in the domestic (U.S.) sense and internationally.  While grounding students in a biblical understanding of the purpose of government and law, this minor will help students learn to think critically, analyze arguments, and engage ideas.

Minor Requirements

A Political Science minor is offered with the completion of 19 credits beyond the general education requirements (listed under Political Science, B.A.), 12 of which must be upper-division.

Core Requirements
POSC 204Principles of Economics4
POSC 225Survey of American Government3
Elective Requirements
The student is required to take a minimum of 3 credits in each category listed under Political Science, B.A. (American Government, International Politics and Political Theory).12
Total Credits19