Financial Information

Biola University seeks to provide a quality education for all its students at the most reasonable cost possible. As a private, nonprofit institution, Biola University receives no support from taxes or other public funds. Tuition paid by the students does not cover the costs of providing a quality education. Consequently, every student who attends Biola University receives a substantial subsidy made possible by the gifts of alumni, individual friends, interested churches and, in a few cases, businesses and corporations.

The expenses of students at Biola University are shown in the following schedules and in the individual course descriptions listed in this catalog. The university reserves the right to change all student charges, modify its services, or change its programs of study should economic conditions, curriculum revisions or national emergency make it necessary to do so.

Application Fee

Application fees are $45 for Undergraduate (waived with the code found in the application) and $65 for Graduate.


Amounts reflect two or more occupants.

Per year in residence hall $5,840 - $7,060
Per semester $2,920 - $3,530

For a breakdown of individual room rates, visit the Housing Services website.

Meal Plans

Meal Plans per semester (required for all undergraduate resident students).

Meal Plan Per Semester Per Year
20 Flex Meal Plan ($150 Flex) $3,190 $6,380
15 Flex Meal Plan ($150 Flex) $3,015 $6,030
12 Flex Meal Plan ($150 Flex) $2,560 $5,120
Block Plan 175 (175 anytime meals with $150 Flex) $2,790 $5,580
10 Flex Meal Plan ($150 Flex) $2,370 $4,740
10 Meal Plan $2,235 $4,470
5 Flex Meal Plan ($50 Flex) 1 $1,000 $2,000
Block Plan 20 (20 anytime meals with $350 Flex) 1 $635 $1,270

For commuters and Biola apartment residents only.

Any prorated adjustments due to cancellations or changes of meal plans will be reflected on the student’s account. All questions regarding meal plan changes, meal plan billing, etc. need to be addressed to the Auxiliary Operations Manager, in Auxiliary Services at (562) 944-0351, ext. 5813 or

Graduate Student Housing Rates

Biola provides furnished housing for single graduate students in on-campus suite-style rooms and in off-campus houses owned by the university. The per-month rate is based on the number of occupants per bedroom. Unfurnished one-and two-bedroom units located in three complexes near campus provide housing for couples and families at a per-apartment, per-month rate. For information on availability, locations and rates, contact Auxiliary Services at or at (562) 944-0351, ext. 5814.

Furnished Single-Student Housing

Sigma/Thompson (Single Occupancy) $820/person/month
Sigma/Thompson (Double Occupancy) $650/person/month
Grad House Single Occupancy $835/person/month
Grad House Double Occupancy $660/person/month

Unfurnished Apartments (Married & Family)

One Bedroom/One Bath $1,300/month
Two Bedroom/One Bath $1,565/month
Two Bedroom/Two Bath $1,650/month

Tuition Information 2024–25

School/Degree/Program Semester Tuition Annual Tuition Cost Per Credit Summer Per Credit Semester Audit Fee Per Credit1
Undergraduate Programs 12–18 credits 12–18 credits 1–11, 19+ credits 2025 2
Undergraduate Tuition
$24,492 $48,984 $2,041 $740 $250
Online Bachelor's Programs
$425 $425
Undergraduate Special Students 3
$24,492 $48,984 $2,041 $740 $250
School of Fine Arts and Communication
Music Therapy Internship 4
$2,041 (flat rate) 4 $740 (flat rate) 4
Graduate Programs
Cook School of Intercultural Studies
Master's Programs and Specials
$704 $704 $250
Doctor of Intercultural Studies
$757 $757 $757
Doctor of Philosophy
$1,359 $1,359 $1,359 5
Crowell School of Business 6
M.A. Leadership & Innovation, MBA & Master of Management
$837 $837 $250 6
Master of Professional Accountancy
$763 $763
Graduate Certificate in Personal Financial Planning
$466 $466
Rosemead School of Psychology 12–16 credits 12–16 credits 1–11, 17+ credits
Master's, Specials & Doctoral Programs
$16,945 $33,890 $1,490 $1,250 $1,250 5
School of Education
Master's Programs, Credentials & Specials
$698 $698 $250
$598 $598 $250
School of Fine Arts and Communication
M.A. Public Relations and Reputation Management
$732 $732 $250
School of Science, Technology and Health
M.S. Speech and Language Pathology
12–19 credits $15,645 $1,043 $1,043
M.S. Occupational Therapy
14–18 credits $17,210 $1,043 $1,043
Master of Public Health
$853 $853
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Communication Sciences and Disorders
$425 $425
Talbot School of Theology
Master's Programs & Specials
$704 $704 $250
Doctor of Education, Doctor of Philosophy
$1,359 $1,359 $1,359 5
Doctor of Ministry
M.A. Christian Apologetics, M.A. Science & Religion
$704 $704 No course may be audited.
M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy
$834 $834 No course may be audited.
English Language Support Programs (Non-Degree)
Language-Learning Track or Academic English Program 7
$624 $624

Note: Tuition values include Student Government Association (SGA) Fee, when applicable.


Semester Audit Fee charged regardless of credit course load.


Summer pricing is subject to change.


Non-degree seeking.


Tuition for MUSC 461 Internship in Music Therapy is billed at a flat rate: $2,140/semester for the fall and spring semesters, and $740/semester for the summer semester.


Auditing doctoral courses is typically not permitted. Exceptions subject to school dean's approval.


Auditing graduate courses in the School of Business is subject to approval.


Applies to ENGL courses numbered 011 through 090 only.

General Fees

In addition to tuition, only as applicable to the individual student.

Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable) 1

Undergraduate $300
Graduate $100

Upon notice of acceptance, an enrollment deposit is required.1 For all incoming undergraduate students, this deposit is non-refundable after May 1 (Fall) and January 1 (Spring). For incoming graduate students, the deposit is non-refundable if the student does not enroll in and complete a term at Biola. When enrolled students who have completed the term for which they applied, officially withdraw, their enrollment deposit will be applied to any balance owed at the time of departure, or will be refunded if their account is paid in full.


Biola undergraduate students accepted into a Biola graduate program must submit a graduate deposit to ensure a place as a Biola graduate student.

Arranged Course/Independent Study Fee 1 $200
Cap and Gown Fees
Bachelors Set (includes cap, gown, tassel)
Masters Set (includes cap, gown, tassel)
Graduate Hood
Doctoral Regalia Rental (Cap, Gown, and Hood)
Graduation Processing Fee $100
Graduation Application Late Fee - Undergraduate & Graduate $200
Health Insurance Plan 2
Per semester estimate (fall or spring):
Student only estimate
Housing Deposit $250
International Student Fee (per semester - fall/spring) $100
Late Application Fee - Undergraduate $10
Late Enrollment Fee - Any time after the published payment deadline $200
Payment Plan Fee $85
Replacement Diploma Fee $55
Returned Check Fee (per occurrence) $25
Rush Check Fee $20
Special Off-Campus Program Registration Fee $50
Special Student Application Fee $20
Student Athlete Fee (per semester - fall/spring) $125
Transcript Fee Official $9
Vehicle Registration/term (Graduate: On campus less than 8 days during term) $30
Vehicle Registration/term (Graduate: On campus only 1 day per week) $65
Vehicle Registration/term (Graduate: On campus 2 or more days per week) $120
Vehicle Registration/term (Undergraduate) $160

The Arranged Course/Independent Study Fee is non-refundable after the first day of the semester in which the student is enrolled.


Required of all traditional undergraduate students, all international students on an F1 student visa (including graduate and ELP students), and all students who live in Biola residential facilities (including graduate, ELP, online bachelor’s, etc.). Students that are enrolled in a private health insurance plan that meets university requirements can submit their insurance information in order to apply for a waiver of the Student Health Insurance Plan. Students that desire to apply for a waiver must do so at the time of enrollment. Insurance fees are subject to change.

Special Fees – Undergraduate

There are special fees for specific labs, clinics, physical education/recreation and camping courses, etc. See course descriptions for fees.

Art (per semester - fall/spring) $350
Art Minor (per semester - fall/spring) $150
Biblical and Theological Studies Department Activities Fee (per year) $180
Class and Laboratory Fees (varies) $5-$575
Class Travel Fees (varies) $100-$200
Communication (per semester - fall/spring) $250
Commuter Life Fee (per semester - fall/spring) $125
Conservatory of Music (per semester - fall/spring) $200
Elementary Greek Grammar Challenge Exam $100
Language Proficiency Exam $50
Military Veteran Portfolio Evaluation for Credit $350
New Testament History & Literature Challenge Exam $50
Old Testament History & Literature Challenge Exam $50
Department of Nursing (per semester - fall/spring) $400
Nursing Application Fees (to outside vendors; varies) $110-$150
Nursing Late Fee (for late submission of health documents) $50
RN-BSN Portfolio Evaluation for Credit $350
LVN-BSN Portfolio Evaluation and Skills/Simulation Testing $350
Orientation Fee $125
Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Fee $150
Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Resubmission Fee $75
Snyder School of Cinema and Media Arts (per semester - fall/spring) 1 $500
School of Education (per semester - fall/spring) $100
Stewart Science Honors Program Fee (per semester - fall/spring) $50
Torrey Honors College Fee (per semester - fall/spring) $125
TUG Digital Learning Fee (per online/hybrid course) $100

This fee will go into effect beginning in Fall 2025.

Special Fees – Graduate

Talbot New Student Fee $75
M.A. Leadership & Innovation, MBA & MM Programs Fee (per term) $40
M.A. Leadership & Innovation & MBA Orientation Fee $250
Doctor of Ministry Program
Program Enrollment Fee (non-refundable)
Graduate Psychology Program
Internship Fee (per semester)
Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Fee $150
Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Resubmission Fee $75

Thesis/Dissertation Binding: Optional through outside vendor; cost variable.

Digitizing/Indexing: Publishing through outside vendor is required. Options and fees vary depending on program and the publishing options chosen. Please see your thesis/dissertation administrator for more information.

Copyright-Dissertation or Thesis (optional): Master's Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation (paid through vendor, options and fees vary).

Typical Costs

The combination of tuition, fees and associated expenses at Biola University requires students to carefully calculate their financial resources and costs. The following estimated student budgets reflect the typical costs to full-time students for the 2024–25 academic year (nine months) in several of Biola’s academic programs. To view the full Cost of Attendance information for all of Biola’s academic programs, please view the “Biola 2024–25 Cost of Attendance by Program” document on the Financial Aid Office website.


(Based on 12–18 credits per semester, $2,041/credit.)

Tuition and Fees $48,984
Housing and Food $13,130
Books and Supplies $1,200
Personal/Misc. $3,028
Transportation $1,100
Total $67,442

Graduate: Talbot Master's Programs (see full tuition cost for specific program tuition rates)

(Based on 9 credits per semester, $704/credit.)

Tuition and Fees $12,672
Housing and Food $22,080
Books and Supplies $720
Personal/Misc. $4,950
Transportation $1,080
Total $41,502

For other graduate programs, please see the Tuition Information section.

Graduate: Psychology

(Flat tuition rate from 12–16 credits is depicted below. $1,490/credit rate for fewer than 12 credits or additional credits above 16.)

Tuition and Fees $33,890
Prof. Growth Costs $2,800
Housing and Food $22,080
Books and Supplies $1,200
Personal/Misc. $4,950
Transportation $1,080
Total $66,000

Payment Information

A student's account must be paid in full prior to re-enrollment in subsequent sessions. Diplomas are withheld if a student has an outstanding obligation to the university or is in default on any government-based loan.

A minimum down payment of 40% is due each semester to complete enrollment, with the balance due according to the payment plan. The down payment includes 40% of the balance of tuition, class fees, room, meals, parking permit, bookstore, and health insurance charges less authorized financial aid. Please note that the down payment is calculated on the balance after financial aid is applied.

Down payments may be estimated using the online down payment worksheet.

Biola offers four payment options:

Fall 2024 Payment Plans

Total Payments Plan Fee Down Payment Installment 1 Installment 2 Installment 3
1 $0 100% due Aug. 15 - - -
2 1 $35 40% due Aug. 15 60% due Sept. 16 - -
3 1 $85 40% due Aug. 15 30% due Sept. 16 30% due Oct. 15 -
4 1, 2 $85 20% due July 15 20% due Aug. 15 30% due Sept. 16 30% due Oct. 15

A late fee of 1.0% is assessed monthly on the full account balance if payments are late.
Student must enroll in the payment plan online.


Enrollment is not complete until 40% of charges less aid is received.

Spring 2025 Payment Plans

Total Payments Plan Fee Down Payment Installment 1 Installment 2 Installment 3
1 $0 100% due Dec. 17 - - -
2 1 $35 40% due Dec. 17 60% due Jan. 15 - -
3 1 $85 40% due Dec. 17 30% due Jan. 15 30% due Feb. 18 -
4 1, 2 $85 20% due Nov. 15 20% due Dec. 17 30% due Jan. 15 30% due Feb. 18

A late fee of 1.0% is assessed monthly on the full account balance if payments are late.
Student must enroll in the payment plan online.


Enrollment is not complete until 40% of charges less aid is received.

Summer 2025 Payment Plans

Total Payments Plan Fee Down Payment Installment 1 Installment 2 Installment 3
1 $0 100% due May 1 - - -
2 1 $35 50% due May 1 50% due June 16 - -

A late fee of 1.0% is assessed monthly on the full account balance if payments are late.
Student must enroll in the payment plan online.

Payments may be made online via ACH or credit card (fees apply) or mailed to:
Biola University
Cashier Office
13800 Biola Avenue
La Mirada, CA 90639

Student name and ID number must be noted on payments mailed to the university. Please be advised that your check payment may be converted to an ACH transaction by using your U.S. bank’s routing and checking numbers. To make a payment, go to < Student Financials < Access your student account.

For international students paying with an international bank, payments can be made through PayMyTuition or Flywire.

Trimester Programs

Classes for Session A of the term must be paid in full in order to attend classes for Session B of the term. Unpaid accounts may result in administrative withdrawal from the university.

Finance Charges

For outstanding balances on student accounts not covered by a payment plan, a finance charge of .83% monthly (10% APR) will be assessed.

Refunds: Withdrawal

Inasmuch as faculty engagements and other commitments are made by the university for the entire year in advance, the following refund schedule has been established in order that the university and the student may share the loss equitably, when it is necessary for a student to withdraw from school.

Refund Policy

Tuition: pro-rated as of end of week in which student withdraws.

Full Term
Weeks 1–2 100%
Week 3 80%
Week 4 70%
Week 5 60%
Week 6 55%
Week 7 50%
Week 8 45%
Weeks 9–16 0%
Session A or Session B
Week 1 100%
Week 2 80%
Week 3 70%
Week 4 50%
Weeks 5–7 0%
  • First-time students receiving Federal Student Financial Assistance are subject to the Statutory Pro Rata Refund as prescribed by federal law.
  • Room and Board is pro-rated to the end of the week of official withdrawal.
  • No course may be dropped after its ending date, and no tuition will be refunded if a student unofficially withdraws after the final day to officially drop a class has passed.
  • Class fees are not refundable after the second week of the full session and the first week of Sessions A and B. 
  • Tuition refunds for class changes (where applicable) will be made in the same manner as refunds for withdrawals (see refund schedule above).
  • Music fees are for private music lessons and are refundable in the same manner as tuition, except no refund after the sixth week.

Outstanding Balances

As Biola is an educational institution, any balance owing on a student's account is an extension of credit by the university and is considered an educational loan within the meaning of section 523 (a) (8) of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. If a loan or tuition account goes into default, Biola may disclose the default, along with other relevant information, to credit bureau organizations and turn the educational loan or tuition account over to a collection agency for collection. Should this action be instituted by the university, there will be additional charges for reasonable collection of the balance due. All diplomas shall be withheld until the outstanding amount is paid in full. Additionally, once a loan or an account has been turned over to an agency, an internal lifetime hold will be placed on the account, making the student ineligible to use payment plans to complete enrollment for any and all future terms of study at Biola University. Anything not covered by financial aid (if applicable) would need to be paid in full by the enrollment deadline each semester in order to complete enrollment. An account is considered paid in full when all checks clear the bank. Any financial credits existing for the student in campus departments will be applied to the outstanding student account balance.

Refunds: Overpayment

Payments to student accounts which result in a credit balance will be refunded upon request, or in accordance with cash management regulations as required by federal regulations for students having federal aid. Requests for adjustments to charges must be made within four months from the date of the student's statement on which the charge first appears.