School of Humanities and Social Sciences


The mission of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is to foster biblically-centered study of the fabric of human experience in order to cultivate the wisdom, compassion, and skill that the next generation will need to faithfully love God and neighbor across a wide array of vocations. 


Home to some of Biola’s longest-standing liberal arts and most innovative programs as well as Biola’s prestigious Torrey Honors Institute, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is the place for great conversation about both urgent and perennial human concerns. With programs in Modern Languages, English Writing, English Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, Political Science, History, and a program in Interdisciplinary Studies, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences equips students who aspire to a spectrum of careers: law, social work, education, journalism, government, translation and interpretation, the church, urban planning, the arts and more.

Dean: Melissa Schubert, Ph.D.

English Faculty

Chair: Christopher Davidson, M.F.A.
Professors: Buchanan, Kleist, Malandra
Associate Professors: Adams, Davidson, Garcia, Hashimov, Park, Vidrine-Isbell, Wang, Williamson

History Faculty

Interim Chair: Melissa Schubert, Ph.D.
Associate Professors: Christensen, Dewey, Lim, Wamagatta

Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty

Chair: Aaron Adams, D.Phil.

Modern Languages Faculty

Chair: Julianne Bryant, Ph.D.
Associate Professors: Bryant, Hernandez, Reyes, Velazquez

Philosophy Faculty

Chair: Kent Dunnington, Ph.D.
Professors: Crisp, Dunnington, Ten Elshof
Associate Professors: Ciocchi

Political Science Faculty

Chair: Darren P. Guerra, Ph.D.
Associate Professors: Guerra, Waller

Sociology Faculty

Chair: Stephanie Chan, Ph.D.
Professors: Christerson
Associate Professors: Chan, Johnson, Yuen
Assistant Professors: Hill-Joseph

Torrey Honors Institute Faculty

Director: Paul Spears, Ph.D.
Professors: Peters, Sanders
Associate Professors: Aijian, Henderson, Jenson, Johnson, Kim, Smith, Thompson, Vincent, Wright
Assistant Professors: Beary, Makin, Wilson