School of Education


The mission of the School of Education is "to equip Christian educators to impact public, private, mission, and homeschools through biblically centered education, scholarship, and service." The vision of the School of Education is "to equip a generation of influential educators, who are focused on God's calling, devoting their strengths, gifts, and scholarship, to meet the needs of diverse students and to advance the Kingdom of God."

Biola University offers high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and teacher preparation programs. Truth as revealed in God's Word is honored as the basis for sound reasoning, moral intention, ethical behavior, and professional practice. Students acquire background knowledge, learning experiences, and competencies in carefully sequenced courses, preparing them for instructional leadership roles in public, private, mission and homeschool settings.

Faculty members of the School of Education promote academic rigor, scholarly research, and pedagogical excellence as they collaborate with program participants. Through collaborative learning, professors fulfill their roles as learning facilitators, helping students to achieve higher levels of academic excellence and ministry in the educational community. Professors integrate a Christian worldview throughout the teaching/learning process.

The School of Education contributes to and benefits from its position in a national university, simultaneously nourishing and being nourished through collaboration with the multiple schools of Biola University. These relationships strengthen concentration options. For example, education students can enrich their knowledge in Bible, theology and intercultural studies through required coursework and/or electives in personalized programs.


June Hetzel, Ph.D.

Associate Dean and Graduate Chair

Christie Curtis, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Chair

Lorelei Coddington, Ph.D.


Block, Eastman, Hetzel, Lessard-Clouston

Associate Professors

Canillas, Cid, Coddington, Curtis, Reid, Serna, Wong-Lo

Assistant Professors

Lin, Min

Programs Offered

Course Descriptions