Christian Ministries Minor


The Christian Ministries minor exists to provide essential equipping in ministry fundamentals to students who desire to serve the Lord in a volunteer or part-time vocational capacity in the local church, parachurch organizations, or other specialized ministry opportunities. It provides training on learning, leadership, formation, and other specialized areas of Christian Ministry to prepare learners for impact in roles that are not full-time vocational positions or that do not require the full breadth of training provided by the Bible, Theology, and Ministry major.

Curriculum Requirements

A Christian Ministries minor requires the completion of 24 credits.

Program Courses
BBST 320Methods of Bible Study 13
or BBST 312 Principles of Interpretation
BBST 465Integration Seminar (Christian Ministries) 23
CEED 242Psychology of Learning and Development3
CEED 254Leadership Development3
Select 12 additional upper-division (CEED 300/400 level) credits 312
Total Credits24

Some students may meet this BBST 320 or 312 requirement as part of the Bible requirement in the core curriculum. 


BBST 465 is a course offered in partnerships with various departments with a variety of different sections. Those with the Christian Ministries minor are required to take the specific section entitled "Christian Ministries." If their major does not specify a different section of BBST 465, some students may meet this BBST 465 requirement as part of the Bible requirement in the core curriculum.


Credits may be selected by the student from any CEED departmental offerings.