Communication Studies Minor

Curriculum Requirements

A Communication Studies Minor is offered with completion of a minimum of 21 credits, 12 of which must be upper-division.

Program Courses
COMM 254Communication Theories3
COMM 473Communication and Diversity3
Select 15 credits of electives from the following (9 credits must be upper-division):15
History of Cinema
Cinema and Media Arts Practicum
Cinema and Media Arts Seminar
Introduction to Public Communication
Small Group Communication
The Rhetorical Act
Communication in the Workplace
Oral Interpretation
Argumentation and Debate
Intercollegiate Forensics
Advanced Public Communication
Rhetoric of Media Studies
Intercollegiate Forensics
Forms of Public Communication
Organizational Rhetoric
Communication Internship
Teaching Assistant
Communication Practicum
Rhetorical Criticism
Communication Seminar
Intercultural Communication
Communication and Diversity
Advanced Studies in Communication Behavior
Directed Research
Media Career Readiness Practicum
Broadcast Anchoring and Announcing 1
Media Law
Advanced Journalism Seminar 1
Introduction to Public Relations
Writing for Public Relations 1
Soc Media, SEO, and Digital Strategy 1
Public Relations Management, Philosophy and Ethics
Principles of Advertising
Voice and Speech for the Actor
Introduction to Acting
Makeup for Stage and Screen
Costume Study and Construction
Intro to Technical Theatre
Beginning Acting
Lighting and Sound for Theatre
Intermediate Acting
Stage Managing and Directing Theatre
Dramatic Theory and Criticism
Dramatic Design
Playwriting for Performance
Advanced Acting Workshop
Drama for Christian Ministry
London Theatre Study Tour
Total Credits21

Additional course(s), which are not minor requirements, are required as prerequisites. See department for advising.