Applied Music Minor

Curriculum Requirements

For students in a Music major who are interested in a formal, cohesive study in a secondary instrument or voice, the Applied Music minor is available. The Applied Music minor requires 20 credits.

Program Courses
MUSC 145Applied Music 18
MUSC 445Applied Music 26
Select 6 credits of upper-division MUSC elective courses6
Total Credits20

Ensemble Courses

Depending on the concentration of the student the following ensembles, and in some cases courses, are required:


Select 2 credits of ensembles; one major ensemble, plus one additional ensemble2
MUSC 181Introduction to Composition2
Total Credits4


Select 4 credits of instrumental ensembles4
Total Credits4


Select 2 credits of ensembles that utilize piano2
MUSC 261Keyboard Sight Reading I1
MUSC 262Keyboard Sight Reading II1
Total Credits4


Select 4 credits of vocal ensembles4
Total Credits4