Talbot Special Studies (TTSS)

TTSS 510 - Theological Research Methodologies Credit 1

Research skills for use of library and theological reference works. Methods of theological writing with emphasis on critical thinking, persuasion and evaluation. Note(s): Required of students in the Talbot Master of Arts program with a specialization in Biblical and Theological Studies in the Eurasian Context (Kyiv Extension); must be taken within the first 15 credits of study; required of all Master of Divinity and Master of Arts students, except MACE (see program director) enrolled in a degree program prior to Fall 2017. Grade Mode: A.
Restriction(s): Must be Graduate Level 1 Class, Graduate Level 2 Class, Graduate Level 3 Class, Graduate Level 4 Class, Junior Class, or Senior Class; Post Masters Level, Doctoral Level, Undergraduate Level or Graduate Level.