Child Development Permits – Undergraduate

The School of Education offers Early Childhood permits within the Early Childhood degrees as well as a 12-credit concentration within the context of the Liberal Studies, Elementary Education major and the Liberal Studies, Multidisciplinary major. Upon completion of the required Early Childhood coursework, candidates will be eligible to apply for the California Child Development Assistant Permit and the Associate Teacher Permit with the option to add the School-Age Emphasis Authorization to either permit. Candidates completing the Early Childhood coursework will enjoy hands-on experience in several local infant, toddler, and elementary-age educational settings during their required fieldwork assignments. The School of Education is also approved to recommend candidates for the Child Development Teacher, Master Teacher and Site Supervisor permits through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Applications for permits will be submitted to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing with Biola University's formal recommendation. All Child Development Permits require that all coursework be passed with a grade of "C" or higher. Requirements, including coursework, will vary according to the Child Development Permit desired. See an Advisor in the School of Education.

Curriculum Requirements

Prerequisite Courses
PSYC 200Introduction to Psychology3
LEDU 335Child Development: Birth through Adolescence3
Program Courses
A paid Taskstream subscription is required.
LEDU 356Early Childhood Curriculum3
LEDU 357School/Family/Community Partnerships in Early Childhood Urban Settings3
LEDU 358Classroom Management in Early Childhood Settings3
LEDU 359Observation and Assessment of Young Children3
LEDU 360Early Childhood Practicum3
Total Credits21

The Child Development Permit Program leading to Child Development Permits at Biola University is subject to change in response to new legislation and for accreditation/reporting purposes. Please see a credential analyst for current information on completing the requirements for these Permits.