Missions and Intercultural Studies for Talbot


Christian leaders today, whether working in their own country or in another country, are usually working in cross-cultural contexts. Leaders must be prepared with ministerial skills that will enable them in penetrating and leading effectively in the midst of ethnic complexity and multiculturalism. Christian leaders must be able to exegete the scriptures and exegete the social context in which they work. The Missions and Intercultural Studies program of Talbot provides the M.Div. student an opportunity to study with theological and missiology faculty. This program is designed to provide training based on sound biblical and missiological principles that have been proven valuable in missions, pastoral leadership, cross-cultural ministry and human service.

Any Talbot student may take elective courses in missions and intercultural studies from the following list.

Applied Linguistics
ISAL 520Introduction to Language and Linguistics3
ISAL 535Introduction to Bible Translation3
ISAN 551Anthropology of Gender3
ISAN 555Kinship and Family in Cross-cultural Perspective3
ISAN 561Economic Anthropology3
ISAN 671Applied Anthropology3
ISAN 761Culture and Transformation3
Intercultural Studies
ISCL 520Interpersonal and Intercultural Adjustment3
ISCL 531Peoples of Ethnic America3
ISCL 555Introduction to World Missions3
ISCL 560Urban Research and Study3
ISCL 565Personal Leadership Formation3
ISCL 655Contemporary Theology of Mission3
ISCL 662Mission in Political Context3
ISCL 711Dynamics of the Religious Experience3
ISCL 722Spiritual Conflicts in Cross-Cultural Context3
ISCL 724Issues in Spiritual Warfare3
ISCL 727Principles of Church Multiplication3
ISCL 730Directed Study1-4
ISCL 732Church Planting Models and Strategies3
ISCL 735Principles of Church Growth3
ISCL 742History of the World Christian Movement3
ISCL 747Christianity and Culture3
ISCL 751Theology of Mission3
ISCL 765Cross-Cultural Leadership3
ISCL 791Field Internship1-2
ISCL 861Alternative Delivery Systems in Education3