International Relations Minor


The mission of the International Relations minor is to provide students with the knowledge (about the key ideas, institutions, and actors involved in global politics), skills (critical thinking, research, writing, and diplomacy), and attitudes (about human nature, society, and the world, reflecting Christian ethical principles in foreign affairs) needed in order to impact the world for Jesus Christ in the diverse callings of politics, missions, business, and others.

Minor Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the International Relations minor students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of fundamental theories in international relations and will demonstrate basic familiarity with key global institutions, actors, and world geography (ULO 1).
  2. Justify foreign policy prescriptions and evaluate international issues based on scriptural and ethical principles (ULO 2).
  3. Demonstrate basic competence in both policy analysis of international issues and in professional communication (ULO 3).

Each Program Learning Outcome (PLO) listed above references at least one of the University Learning Outcomes (ULO 1, 2, 3), which may be found in the General Information section of this catalog.

Curriculum Requirements

A Minor in International Relations is offered with the completion of 18 credits. For Political Science majors, no more than 6 credits from the major may count toward this minor.

Program Courses
POSC 208World Politics3
POSC 308Foreign Policy and Diplomacy3
Select 12 credits from the following. Credits for Experiential Learning (see below) may count toward the 12 required credits in this section.12
National Security Strategy and Military Affairs
Politics of Global Terrorism
Wealth and Justice
International Organizations and Political Economy
Strategic Intelligence
Human Rights: Justice and Foreign Policy
Students may select one of the following:
The Islamic City
Arab-Israeli Conflict
History of Israel and Zionism
Muslim, Jewish and Christian Relations
Experiential Learning Courses:
Students may only apply 6 credits of the following courses. Credits earned from experiential learning count toward the 12 elective credits needed to complete the minor.
Internship in Political Science
Liberty and the Free Market in England 1
Off-campus study experience (Limit of 3 credits) 1
Total Credits18

Students in the IR minor are strongly encouraged to either study abroad for a semester, or to participate in a faculty-led study tour with the Political Science Department, such as POSC 240.