Political Science Minor


The mission of the Political Science program is to educate Christian men and women in political science in order to produce thinking Christians who demonstrate a broad understanding of the art and science of politics, based on a biblical foundation and worldview; who understand and apply biblical knowledge, Christian virtues, and ethical principles to politics; and who demonstrate entry-level professional skills necessary for success in politics and related fields.

Curriculum Requirements

A Political Science minor is offered with the completion of 18 credits beyond the Core Curriculum requirements (listed under Political Science, B.A.), 6 of which must be upper-division.

Program Courses
POSC 208World Politics3
POSC 211Introduction to Political Economy3
POSC 250Foundations of the American Political System3
POSC 256Virtue, Citizenship, and Politics3
Select 6 credits of POSC upper-division elective courses6
Total Credits18