English Minor


The English Department's mission is to inspire careful and reflective readers; train nuanced and complex thinkers; and guide clear, creative, and compelling writers. Together, we aim to appreciate the beauty and power of language, attune ourselves to the complexity of narrative worlds, and glorify God through educating ourselves and others about how language shapes our world. 


As an English minor at Biola, you’ll join a community of students and faculty dedicated to the pursuit of nuanced thought, careful reading, and creative, persuasive writing. The English Department engages in community, together, by practicing the power of language and story. Whether you’re majoring in Business or Biology, adding an English minor to your studies will help you prepare to pursue and embody the greatest story — the gospel — in your home, city, church and career.

Curriculum Requirements

An English Minor is offered upon the completion of 18 credits, 3 of which must be completed via ENGL 190, and 9 of which must be upper-division. The 3 credits of 200-level Core Literature or ENGL 313 required of all Biola students may count toward the minor.

ENGL 190Introduction to English Studies3
Select an additional 15 credits of ENGL electives, 9 of which must be upper division, non-Core classes. 115
Total Credits18

Excluding ENGL 011, ENGL 012, ENGL 013, ENGL 014, ENGL 021, ENGL 022, ENGL 023, ENGL 024, ENGL 031, ENGL 032, ENGL 034, ENGL 061, ENGL 062, ENGL 063, ENGL 064, ENGL 071, ENGL 072, ENGL 073, ENGL 074, ENGL 081, ENGL 083, ENGL 084, ENGL 100, ENGL 102, ENGL 103, ENGL 104, ENGL 105, ENGL 112, ENGL 351, ENGL 380, ENGL 433.