Pre-Law Minor


The mission of the Pre-Law minor is to provide a liberal arts-based introduction to courses in the law, government, and critical reasoning as a helpful start toward graduate work in the law and related fields.

Curriculum Requirements

A Pre-law minor is offered with the completion of 18 credits of upper-division courses.

Program-Specific Core Curriculum Courses
The Pre-Law student is encouraged to select the courses below in partial fulfillment of the Core Curriculum requirement. The Torrey Honors Pre-Law student is also encouraged to take some of these courses, if their schedules permit it, even though their Core Curriculum is otherwise fulfilled in the Torrey program.
United States History To 1865
United States History Since 1865
Introduction to Logic
Introduction to Philosophy
Survey of American Government
Program Courses
Select 18 credits from the following:18
The Colonial Period, American Revolution, 1607–1800
American Democracy, Civil War and Reconstruction, 1800–1877
Economic History of the United States
Economic History of the United States
The Rise of Modern America, 1877–1920
The United States Since 1920
American Constitutional Law
American Constitutional Law
Studies in Political Science
Elective Recommendations
Additional courses may supplement preparation depending on the student’s individual areas of interest.
Business Law
Communication Theories
Total Credits18