Middle East Studies Minor


The Middle East Studies minor focuses on a part of the world that has played a vital role in biblical and religious history, and continues to play a vital role in world politics today. Doing the coursework of this minor, which crosses several disciplines, and engaging with the professors that you'll get to know and the ideas that you'll wrestle with, is excellent preparation to be salt and light in the world. The study of the history, languages, cultures, religions and politics of Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean world will prepare students to engage in the increasing international interest of this area.

Curriculum Requirements

Students who wish to pursue a minor in Middle Eastern Studies must complete a minimum of 18 credits.

Program-Specific Core Curriculum Courses
Students are recommended to take the following courses as a part of their Core Curriculum requirements, total of 6 credits:
World Civilizations I
World Civilizations II
Foreign Language Recommendation: In order to fulfill Biola University's Core Curriculum requirement, students must obtain a minimum of 8 credits of foreign language. Students are encouraged to pursue study from the following languages: Biblical Hebrew or Arabic (both currently offered at Biola), Modern Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish
Biblical Studies: Among the 30 credits of Bible/theology courses required in Biblical studies, it is recommended that the following courses be included:
Old Testament History and Literature
New Testament History and Literature
Integration Seminar (should be taken as Israeli-Palestinian Conflicts)
Program Courses
Select a minimum of 6 credits from the following:6
History of the Jewish People
History of the Middle East and Islam I
History of the Middle East and Islam II
Middle East Culture and Religion:
Select a minimum of 12 credits from the following:12
Biblical Archaeology: Ancient Near East
Biblical Archaeology: Palestine
Studies in World Literature
Ancient Near East
Arab-Israeli Conflict
History of Israel and Zionism
Muslim, Jewish and Christian Relations
Understanding Islam and Islamic Theology
Popular and Folk Islam
Approaches to the Islamic World
Topics in Islamic Studies
Comparative Government
International Relations
Studies in Political Science 1
Total Credits18

Should be taken as "Islamic Political Philosophy" or "Arab-Israeli Conflict."