Public Health Minor

Curriculum Requirements

A Public Health Minor is offered with the completion of 18 credits, 9 of which must be upper-division. A minimum of 9 credits must also be unique to the minor (not counted toward any other requirements, including minors in the same department as the major).

Program Courses
KNES 200Public Health Principles and Practice3
KNES 300Health Education and Health Promotion3
KNES 340Health Policy and Ethics 13
or KNES 355 Health Care Systems
Select 9 credits from the following: 29
Principles of Epidemiology
Community and Global Health
Principles of Biostatistics
Health Behavior and Health Promotion
Environmental Health
Global Health Leadership
Applied Public Health Research Methods
Current Issues in Global Health
Global Health Ethics and Human Rights
Global Communicable Disease Control
Current Issues in Epidemiology
Molecular Epidemiology
Epidemiology of Chronic Disease
Outbreak and Emergency Preparedness
Cancer Epidemiology
Public Health Policy and Practice
Topics in Kinesiology and Public Health
Public Health Capstone Practicum
Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology
Nursing Electives
Principles of Organic and Biochemistry 3
Principles of Organic and Biochemistry Lab 3
Community and Public Health Nursing - Theory 4
Community and Public Health Nursing - Clinical 4
Biology and Chemistry Electives 3
Environmental Health: An Ecological Perspective
Global Development and Ecological Sustainability
Environmental Ethics
General Biochemistry I
General Biochemistry II
Intercultural Studies Electives 3
Introduction to Development
Seminar: Topics in Intercultural Health Care
Community Development Models and Strategies
Total Credits18

KNES 340 or KNES 355 could also be used as an elective course.


Other elective courses may be included with a public health faculty advisor’s approval to serve a student’s focused interest.


May be taken by all undergraduate students. See the course description for any class-level restrictions, prerequisite requirements, and placement exams needed. If the selected course is not part of the student's major requirements, please discuss it with an academic advisor.


Restricted to clinical nursing students.